Pls add quick "flatten and straighten" options

  • I am finding that if my paper isn’t perfectly straight/flat (depending on the situation), the program doesn’t proceed well. It’ll get stuck or put creases in the wrong please. It’s really frustrating because I can make my model work, but it’ll take multiple tries because I don’t have a perfectly flat/straight paper. Could we pls have an option to quickly and completely flatten the paper (as if you put it on the table and flattened with your hand) and one to “straighten” the paper (at least so that diagonals or sides are horizontal/vertical)?

  • Hi @hm933, thank you for your feedback. Your comment and feature request are priceless to us.

    I tried to rephrase my understanding of your feature request in a more tech-savvy way below hoping you can pinpoint specific ones for me:

    • “to flatten paper”:
    • “to straighten paper”: to align sheet direction with

    The ticked ones in the above list are already implemented features (at least partially if not complete). My question: “you want a quick way to unfold the sheet completely flat (preserving crease lines)❓

    Let me answer with those existing features for quick solutions based on my current understanding hoping they can make your d-origami experience even a little easier.

    • Flattening
      • Click the “back” button (⏪) to UNDO the last fold and proceed one step backward. If you make a new fold here then the last fold is discarded and the new fold is recorded. Click the “next” button (⏩) to restore the last fold.
      • Click the “skip to the start” button (⏮) to start over. Once you start a new fold sequence, the fold sequence you’ve made so far is discarded.
      • “Snap” feature helps you aligning fold lines or face planes with other edges or planes while you’re making fold lines. Note that this feature is still far from complete. Your case is related to this.
    • Straightening
      • Double click the sheet to reset it’s position and direction (transformation) back to the initial value.
      • Right drag in the background to rotate the sheet around Z-axis while left drag is for free rotation around any (X, Y, and Z-)axis
      • Double click in the background for quick rotation for 45° in that direction

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